How it Works

roll & shake

We use organic, all-natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives and minimal processing. That means separation is natural, so you should roll the unopened tube in your fingers and shake vigorously before use.


Our yummy, organic formula and bottle-shaped design mean feeding is a breeze! Just squeeze the packet into baby’s mouth, formula, or food.


With early introduction adherence to a routine is key, so be sure you and your baby stick to a consistent early peanut introduction schedule!

be confident about early introduction

Aralyte is an all-natural, simple and delicious method of early peanut introduction. With the added convenience of individual liquid servings in mom approved, mess-free packaging, Aralyte makes it easy to stick to a hassle-free early introduction routine day in and day out!

Each serving contains an exactly measured amount of concentrated peanut protein that directly follows the protocol outlined in the LEAP Study. Additionally, every serving of Aralyte is complete with the daily recommended amount of Vitamin D and other essential vitamins perfect for infants just starting solid foods!