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drive adherence with Aralyte At-Home kits

help remedy parental anxiety around peanut introduction by administering baby’s first serving of Aralyte in your office

Based on recent research, 82% of parents would not do early peanut introduction at home even if their doctor recommended it.

Our emphasis on physician engagement with Aralyte alleviates confusion and concerns of peanut introduction, thus positively driving adherence to an early peanut introduction regimen.

Supervised administration of peanut reduced parental anxiety by 55% compared to at-home administration.

The first serving of Aralyte can be administered by a physician in-office, giving parents the comfort they need to adhere to the full regimen at home.


Bégin, P. et al. (2016). Introduction of peanuts in younger siblings of children with peanut allergy

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Introduced earlier

Liquid formulation allows for easier introduction at a younger age without the choking hazard posed by whole peanuts.

Optimized regimen

Designed by top allergists, Aralyte contains the same amount of peanut protein used in the LEAP Study.

Achieved adherence

Parents will actually do it – daily servings mean early peanut introduction is convenient and easy to remember.

Decreased anxiety

Aralyte allows for initial peanut introduction in the presence of a physician, mitigating parental anxiety surrounding early peanut introduction.

Early Introduction Research

Learn about the LEAP, LEAP-On, EAT and CHILD studies, and read what your peers are saying about this research.


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