Baby, Meet Peanut

the updated NIH guidelines now recommend introducing your baby to peanuts as early as 4 months of age

why aralyte?


Aralyte is less than a teaspoon of liquid that can be fed directly or mixed with baby’s first foods to fit the special dietary needs of infants.


Aralyte contains liquid light roast peanuts and complete doses of vitamins like Vitamin D.

mess free

Aralyte’s disposable, single-use packaging was designed to avoid cross contamination of kitchenware in case of allergic family and friends.

pediatrician supported

Aralyte is based on the latest National Institutes of Health and American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines and is supported by doctors across the US.

it’s science, baby

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The LEAP Study

Early peanut introduction shown to reduce the risk of peanut allergy development by 98.3%

The LEAP-ON Study

Tolerance of peanuts seems to continue after successful schedule of early introduction

The EAT Study

All infants who followed the early introduction protocol did not develop a peanut allergy

yummy peanut introduction

designed just for your baby’s needs


our simple ingredients

light roast peanuts

sourced from organic farms 

natural vitamin D

supports bone strength

organic safflower oil

pressed from non-GMO safflower seeds

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is baby ready to meet peanuts for the first time?

Aralyte can help you get started with organic and nutritious portion-controlled servings of wholesome peanut and vitamins perfect for babies meeting solid foods for the first time (4-11 months old).


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